Galaxy S21 Ultra vs iPhone 12 Pro Max Drop Test!

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Month ago

Battle of the titans! Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra durability drop test w/ Gorilla Glass Victus vs iPhone 12 Pro Max's Ceramic Crystal! Which glass is best?
Latest iPhone 13 Pro Leaks!
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Arthur Vasilev
Arthur Vasilev 14 minutes ago
Fake 🤬
Rabeya Kazi
Rabeya Kazi 2 hours ago
কুত্তা মোবাইল নস্টো রায়গা পাসনা
Fire Alarms and Trains
Fire Alarms and Trains 3 hours ago
I love seeing phones break
Na Ma
Na Ma 5 hours ago
Good video
Ethiopia lij Abrham
Ethiopia lij Abrham 6 hours ago
You gotta do it in the parking lot tho
Furkan Sarkar
Furkan Sarkar 7 hours ago
SAI San 12 hours ago
My poor broke heart
Vishwadev 12 hours ago
Steve Jobs forever.
Kochu Kochu
Kochu Kochu 13 hours ago
Give me bro iPhone
X4 GaminG
X4 GaminG 14 hours ago
gift me plz 12 pro max🤧
yahaan Chauhan
yahaan Chauhan 15 hours ago
Tum Na Mira iPhone go to Nikki it’s not check your Siri Samsung, Anita Rana looking Punga
Xeld_Z 17 hours ago
So we realised iPhone is the best
SHUBHAM Sonawane
SHUBHAM Sonawane 17 hours ago
Ho man give me 1 iphone please 😭😭😭
Lallos Villalba
Lallos Villalba 17 hours ago
The cushion on the Crystal Gen 2 works so well, I literally don’t get scared if i accidentally drop my phone from a good 4 feet
Mohammed asraf PUBG
Mohammed asraf PUBG 17 hours ago
amir jutt
amir jutt 18 hours ago
Bilal Amjad
Bilal Amjad 18 hours ago
Hi bro... Am All watch your videos really you very Broke my Hurt am poor boy Iphone but you Rich boy broke iphone Latest model wao really you gift me any one phone am from Pakistan really am student but am belong poor family..😔😢
OhstAn 19 hours ago
I have a suggestion that could help. Why don’t you drop the phones on their conners because from my experience phones crack faster when dropped on their corners
Pooja Pandya
Pooja Pandya 20 hours ago
There should have been a disclaimer. This video is graphic.
Bryan P
Bryan P 20 hours ago
TechRax wannabe...
Jessica sabastine
Jessica sabastine 20 hours ago
I got a watch from a off the street months back I couldn't pair the watch or find the either because the watch was locked to a iCloud but I came across a comment section below saying spyleonardo70 0n 1G fixed mine... I messaged him and I got mine FIXED MINE...
وسيم waseem
وسيم waseem 20 hours ago
عشاق سامسونك ❤️
Syed Ali
Syed Ali 21 hour ago
Mujaheed Abubacar
Mujaheed Abubacar 23 hours ago
Iphone 12 malakas
Samuel Njoroge
Samuel Njoroge Day ago
iPhone so overrated
Triyo Nugroho
Triyo Nugroho Day ago
Ekspresiku 👁️👄👁️
Pankaj Paikrao
Pankaj Paikrao Day ago
Test to lenovo legion and s20+
Ulin Nuha
Ulin Nuha Day ago
mending buat aku aja mak
Tessa Peck
Tessa Peck Day ago
If only I had enough money to buy the most expensive smart phones and drop them 100 times for fun
Klinton Josh
Klinton Josh Day ago
@jacktool147_ on Instagram helped me out. Great thanks to him. He’s very legit
Klinton Josh
Klinton Josh Day ago
@jacktool147_ on Instagram helped me out. Great thanks to him. He’s very legit
Klinton Josh
Klinton Josh Day ago
@jacktool147_ on Instagram helped me out. Great thanks to him. He’s very legit
Rhea De Asis
Rhea De Asis Day ago
Can i get old celphon
Klinton Josh
Klinton Josh Day ago
@jacktool147_ on Instagram helped me out. Great thanks to him. He’s very legit
Kevin spiegel
Kevin spiegel Day ago
Se vale regalarme un teléfono :(((((((
zayzeebear Day ago
Idgaf still never getting an android
Rider Karter
Rider Karter Day ago
The Iphone is the plástic 🤣
Marzukie Day ago
Don't break it, just give it to me 😅🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
Tobe Kanu
Tobe Kanu Day ago
Samsung did way better than IPhone did sad coz I'm a IPhone user
Aas hik Trading
Aas hik Trading Day ago
Bro plz don’t distroy phone plz Plz give me a phone but dont distroy
darin saad
darin saad Day ago
No problem
medium player
medium player Day ago
Madhujya Konwar
Madhujya Konwar Day ago
Don't destroy the phones, just give one of them to me, I'm using 10 years old Samsung,😒
Md: Sharif Bhuiyan
Md: Sharif Bhuiyan Day ago
Samsung best
ahmed hassan
ahmed hassan Day ago
why you can destroy the phones
Mollie Helena
Mollie Helena Day ago
samsung still better
Mollie Helena
Mollie Helena Day ago
i mean who doesnt put a case on thier phone
Vidhaan Ajmera
Vidhaan Ajmera Day ago
Why do u do that😫😫
LegendDevGaming! Day ago
Is this iPhone's Power only!!😂😂
FullDumb Studios
FullDumb Studios Day ago
To be fair, Your not gonna accidentally drop your phone from above your head.
Bebak Sahu
Bebak Sahu Day ago
Everyone who dont have iphone: are we joke to you?
Nawaz Chaniya
Nawaz Chaniya Day ago
do not do drop test give it to me I will be happy 😅😅😅
Crypto Schyte
Crypto Schyte Day ago
Good luck trying to fix the iphone over the samsung at a shop for less LOOL iphone 550 dlrs screen samsung 30 dlrs screen.
Crypto Schyte
Crypto Schyte Day ago
Jaseel Jasbinil
Jaseel Jasbinil 2 days ago
Please give me a phone
ojas updates
ojas updates 2 days ago
You're so sick of it! You fool Moran don't make this type of video!
Фирдавс Абдугапаров
Фирдавс Абдугапаров 2 days ago
Лучше бы мне дали
sss GAMER 2 days ago
I am big fan from Nepal 🇳🇵🇳🇵🇳🇵 please give 1 iPhone I am poor.
chrispaziko 2 days ago
The little guy was scared of your drops 🤣🤣🤣
Ali Nahshle
Ali Nahshle 2 days ago
Are you crazy to drop thim.
Bandelya 2 days ago
I feel bad for s21u but also amaze how it landed flat footed
Jesse Beausoleil
Jesse Beausoleil 2 days ago
Damn samsung. Good job!
Gavin Diehl
Gavin Diehl 2 days ago
Dude I just got your phone cases for phone rebel it is is a amazing case I love it so much
Kevin Alvaisha
Kevin Alvaisha 2 days ago
U always move ur camera to down realy fast when dropping the samsung galaxy s21,
Jimar Jainal
Jimar Jainal 2 days ago
Ohhmg. You have a lot phone give me plss..
Mizet 2 days ago
dont worry they will be repaired.
Who is Arisha Arwayne
Who is Arisha Arwayne 2 days ago
So guys we need iPhones front and Samsung’s back ☺️ then we all are set
Harris Kamal
Harris Kamal 2 days ago
All thank to DAVITECHIE for unlocking my iphone 11 pro max, he I also on instagram for proper confirmation.
M Struck
M Struck 2 days ago
Okay, now I don't feel so bad dropping my brand new S21 Ultra twice from less than 3 ft. (with a protective case on it). It landed on carpet, but hit a metal foot on my side table.
nuni badsha
nuni badsha 2 days ago
Sir I need 1 I phone please
Amit Minz
Amit Minz 2 days ago
Unsubscribed, for your irritating 3-2-1 Counting. Why you can't just drop without counting each time. Its so irritating.
Jayita Kamdar
Jayita Kamdar 2 days ago
Slow motion is shot on iPhone 🤣
Total Independent
Total Independent 2 days ago
Bro can u give me a smartphone as a gift🤧u are destroying all the best phones 🤧🤧plz give a phone as a gift 🤧 plzz😫
Clark Vlog's PH
Clark Vlog's PH 2 days ago
Hi Can you give me iphone 12 idont have a iphone please can you give me?? Im from Philippines if your comment i will send you my address
AestheticDxrk 2 days ago
if everything apple pro was changed to everything android pro oh no non on no non no i wish he doesent change it do taht
Tina H
Tina H 2 days ago
I think this is so stupid. People not using mobile phone to be dropped like that.
Beast Boy
Beast Boy 2 days ago
Apple and samsung you find you out and punish for that murder of their best phone 😂😂😂
Pirate Pirate
Pirate Pirate 2 days ago
Who else does have a heart attack while watching?
Sujat Bin Daud Saad
Sujat Bin Daud Saad 2 days ago
bro give The broken one🥺
Ed5 Fd
Ed5 Fd 2 days ago
Galaxy 21 hit
King Mike
King Mike 2 days ago
Gotta admit they both came a long way with the durability💯
Prime Plus
Prime Plus 2 days ago
Plz give me any i phone 🙄🙄🙄
Happy to get a lot of U$C from PG2.ONLINE
ssamxxn ssamxxn
ssamxxn ssamxxn 3 days ago
still using infinix smart 4
Dhany Pineda
Dhany Pineda 3 days ago
JTS 3 days ago
Samsung is the king 🤴
joven santinlo
joven santinlo 3 days ago
Sir can I have one😔 badly needed phone for online class
joven santinlo
joven santinlo 3 days ago
Sir can I have that phone samsung, the one you drop🙂 just for online class😔
MS.LOWRIDER 3 days ago
I'm excited I just ordered the S21
Pro 3 days ago
why is he dropping the newest phone when he can just sell them for money
nazir ahmad
nazir ahmad 3 days ago
Whatsapp number bro
Hamza Mubashar
Hamza Mubashar 3 days ago
Pagan insan
Ivan Serious
Ivan Serious 3 days ago
Подарите лучше мне один из них:))))
Silvia Baku
Silvia Baku 3 days ago
This is CRAZY😱😠 Some peoples don't have a chance to buy a phone, but just Look This!?!
Tazzy 225
Tazzy 225 3 days ago
I am nightmarishly disappointed that the newer iPhones and Samsung (sAMOLED) are now having PWM in their displays! I am nightmarishly sensitive to PWM!
Samin Shah
Samin Shah 3 days ago
I doubt anyone would drop there phone from such a height
Sry Wulandari05
Sry Wulandari05 3 days ago
Ya allah sayang banget Bagusan tuh hp untuk aing aja mas
KSV1720 Gadanisparshprashantbhai
KSV1720 Gadanisparshprashantbhai 4 days ago
If u have money sir so plz give me i phone 11 because I do not have a good atorage phone for my online classes
Hisoka Morow
Hisoka Morow 4 days ago
Me: I wish I had an iPhone 12 USpostsrs: they just easily destroying iphone 12 It's break my heart🥺
Swalih NK
Swalih NK 4 days ago
Give me that complaint mobiles to me please
Bhat Farooq
Bhat Farooq 4 days ago
Man please give one phone to me
StarZ1 4 days ago
I can feel his pain every time he drops it over 2k waste
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