iPhone 12 vs 11 DEEP Water Test! 18 FT Rating Legit?

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4 months ago

Can iPhone 12 really survive 18 foot depths? 30 FT? iPhone 12 vs iPhone 11 extreme deep water test! IP68 6M vs IP68 2M.
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iPhone 12 vs 12 Pro DROP Test!
#iPhone12 #WaterTest

Andraous Hadad
Andraous Hadad 6 hours ago
Doesn’t he sound like Anwar??? Like if you think so 👇
Saul Aguirre
Saul Aguirre Day ago
Mid air or mid water lol
Eisa Qureshi
Eisa Qureshi 2 days ago
That’s not iPhone 12
Hey it's keria
Hey it's keria 3 days ago
The quickest class nouzilly spell because goldfish neurologically spoil amidst a female fertile hill. early, horrible aquarius
Jimmy Sanders
Jimmy Sanders 3 days ago
Samsung makes Apple parts
Duncan Jacobs
Duncan Jacobs 4 days ago
I know this is random, but which shoe is he wearing? I think it looks absolutely awesome! 👏
Nokia 1100
Nokia 1100 4 days ago
Wiktor the special
Wiktor the special 5 days ago
Yh but is the speaker fucked or not
Flame Gaming
Flame Gaming 6 days ago
November 3 is my birthday
Sir instead you broke your phone or test how that strong can you help me ☹️😔 . From Philippines" Reason : To use my study and coming birthday and my dream phone ever because i never use iphone . Any iphone sir i appreciate to use my online class . Thank you so much sir ❤️🙏
Odst soldier
Odst soldier 9 days ago
The thing he hasn’t done is water the phone and then charge it
kaden wild
kaden wild 9 days ago
He wastes so much money on nice phones.
Smiley Miley
Smiley Miley 10 days ago
Well I can say that this is the first "18+" rated phone review I have ever seen.
Jamal Netflix
Jamal Netflix 12 days ago
He didn’t check to see if they still charge
Alvin Johnson
Alvin Johnson 14 days ago
How do you pick the giveaway winners
Alvin Johnson
Alvin Johnson 14 days ago
I do not have a phone pls give it to me
Angelo Dimetrius
Angelo Dimetrius 14 days ago
next thing you know the iphones will need decompression stops
Panther Dagger
Panther Dagger 14 days ago
Who cares about deep water?!? How about trying to touch record video once... and then when you thought you were recording.. turns out the damn thing wasn't..!! Or why when you hit the flashlight button.. Nothing happens?!?.. You have to hit it at least 3 times.. How about doing a video about those annoying quirks... Instead of unrealistic scenarios?...
Gilberto Dos Anjos Muhale
Gilberto Dos Anjos Muhale 15 days ago
Peço esses celulares quebrados por favor vivo em Moçambique
Alexandra 15 days ago
Me: I know my phone is gonna survive the Water but no
TheColinputer 15 days ago
Even though my past 4 iphones have had IP ratings (8+, XR, 11PM, 12PM) I still had that moment of panic a week ago when my cat knocked a glass of water over onto it on the table
April Charm
April Charm 15 days ago
IPhone11 guyas like up
Fletcher Dinnage
Fletcher Dinnage 15 days ago
I’m still scared of taking my phone 12 in the water still tho
Gaurav Gowda
Gaurav Gowda 16 days ago
can i have iphone 12 pro white plz
Arete1776 16 days ago
John Dean Vher Matira Escultor
John Dean Vher Matira Escultor 16 days ago
Hopefully, I can buy one of them 😭
Alexandra Marie
Alexandra Marie 16 days ago
If the iPhone is water safe what happens if u spill soda on it ?
Elvis Reinhold Nielsen
Elvis Reinhold Nielsen 18 days ago
Am i the only one wash my phone agter using it 😅my iPhone 11 is fine just dont ude much water 💦
ravenwda007 19 days ago
dropped my iphone 6 in about a cm of water in the bathtub. It clocked out. shutdown the phone to dry. It was ok the next day.
Cody Eakin
Cody Eakin 19 days ago
I can’t wait to go to the lake with my. XR in July but will be in waterproof case
MUSIC FOR LIFE 19 days ago
The EXOR 20 days ago
Check the spiekers also
Calvin Navarro
Calvin Navarro 21 day ago
I came here ‘cause I accidentally spilled some water on the lightning port while it’s charging. I didn’t charge it after for 24 hours. Now, I’m a bit paranoid as my iphone 11’s battery drained inaccurately when it reached 20%. It suddenly became 18%. When I tried to charge it, the battery just went up to 20%. I recalibrated it. Now, my problem is when I’m watching Netflix with full screen brightness, the bottom part of the phone tends to get warm. Am I just being paranoid?
Fast Driver22
Fast Driver22 21 day ago
Zed 21 day ago
Ohh my god kusy give it to me lol
Lol Po
Lol Po 22 days ago
There is a app to eject water The name of the app is eject it actually works
Mike Hunt
Mike Hunt 24 days ago
Pools have chlorine and other stuff in them. I wouldn’t be as confident. Other things that can break down. Fresh water is different. Just my opinion.
anto 685
anto 685 24 days ago
Try it may be in the sea because the salt attack the plastic
Master poko
Master poko 24 days ago
Give me iphone for my online class🥰
Abhishek Singh
Abhishek Singh 25 days ago
bro donate 1 iphone 2 me
Rich Elizondo
Rich Elizondo 27 days ago
Thank you for this, I just got the iPhone 11 and I’ve been scared to keep it in the bathroom playing music while I shower because of the steam... now I feel silly
Steven Lopez Pagan
Steven Lopez Pagan 29 days ago
If you wanna eject water from your phone, play the earrape version of boomerang by jojo siwa.
zewdu yoseph
zewdu yoseph 29 days ago
i love iphone cell phone but i don't have a money to buy. i love your video very interesting. i am watching all your video.
Justin Batuto
Justin Batuto Month ago
Can i get 1 phone my phone is broke and lagging🤭 it's android phone i'v never bin on an iphon before 😢🤭
Qaali Omer
Qaali Omer Month ago
Amadeus Lucian
Amadeus Lucian Month ago
Salt water messes up the battery just in case you ain’t know
Slim Davis
Slim Davis Month ago
I phone 12 please
siragy Abdul
siragy Abdul Month ago
Boa noite eu sou fan nato deste canal não perco nenhum conteúdo publicado gostaria de saber si de certa forma poderia mi ajudar mi oferecendo um destes telefones mesmo que seja usado ou partido tanto faz eu sou grande fan dos produtos e acessórios da Apple eu fico muito emocionado em ver qualquer coisa desta marca infelizmente não tenho condições de ter um telefone que suporta internet ou algo do género para puder aceder à USposts para ver estes artigos eu tenho que ir minha escola comunitária da minha cidade para puder navegar e la nem sempre tem internet gostaria de ter um telefone mesmo que seja com rachas pra mim serve eu actualmente falo de África, Moçambique cidade de Nampula meu nome é Siragy Abdul Issufo meu email é siragyabdul@gmail.com, caso queiram responder ao meu pedido agradeceria imensamente eu sou estudante conclui o nível médio com sucesso mas a minha famílias não têm possibilidade de mi colocar numa faculdade aqui no meu país agora tenho 18 anos de idade gostaria de ser um grande USpostsr como você é tenho um sonho de ganhar dinheiro e viajar pelo mundo conhecendo a Europa adquirir conhecimento e experiência para ajudar as pessoas na minha cidade mas oqui eu mas preciso agora é de um telefone é um sonho pra mim ter algo da Apple
Elsa dog 34 Cat
Elsa dog 34 Cat Month ago
I have a red iPhone 11
Survival -Q
Survival -Q Month ago
Gsm Tips
Gsm Tips Month ago
They getting better slowly.
Shangs Month ago
At least you need 40 fishing to try lobster, but for iPhones I guess you’ll need 99
Marius Month ago
I guess you have the best and REAL test from USposts. I really like that.
Patricio Andrés Garrido
Patricio Andrés Garrido Month ago
Impressive. Beautiful.
Sabrina Chocolate
Sabrina Chocolate Month ago
lakhi chader
lakhi chader Month ago
What about iphone 12 mini? Please let me know🙏
Leah Pfuzhe
Leah Pfuzhe Month ago
Watching iphone videos yet samsung ads popped up frequently 🤣🤣🤣
Daksh Vora
Daksh Vora Month ago
No one Literally no one Me: I got Samsung ad on everything apple pro
Extra Acc
Extra Acc 10 days ago
Daniel Brockman
Daniel Brockman Month ago
I just did it today !!!! Boy was that scary!!!!
Cajunrich Month ago
CNET SAID 2 - 3 days later her iPhone 12 fogged up .....did yours fog up later? Thx I just got an iPhone 12 Pro is it different than an iPhone 12 in body?
Cajunrich Month ago
Ernesto Barrera Silva
Ernesto Barrera Silva Month ago
u got the same exacted iphone 12 mini like mine lol
BLUDxYT Month ago
Damn that fisherman is so lucky. He just caught and iPhone 11 and 12 in his crab cage!
LeaderOfRandom Month ago
iPhone 12 in water- iPhone 12 keeping time- iPhone 12 recording timer- me saying to myself that you have an army of iPhone 12 0_0
Jacob Month ago
This guy destroyed 10000294958393959689 iPhone 6s's
Eith W
Eith W Month ago
What ever you buy, as long as it’s not apple, it’s better, you want cheap? You want power? It doesn’t matter, as long as it’s not Apple. As Apple don’t sell you their product for the actual cost. They are actually cheap and fragile, easy to break. They’re deceiving you and lying to you about their product. iPhones don’t actually last a year with normal usage, hence that’s why they release newer and more expensive iPhones every year. People are just taking extreme care of their iPhones that’s why it survives longer than it should. And Apple is taking advantage of it! Stop buying iPhones! They only want your money, these scammers continuously grow as you buy their product. iPhones doesn’t actually cost that much! They don’t even have the best technology! All they’re using is outdated meaning it can be cheaper and yet they choose to make it expensive. It’s their strategy. Don’t be fooled, any product is better than Apple. Cheap or expensive, it doesn’t matter cause you get what you paid for, and they’re honest about their price. Unlike Apple.......
Young Thug
Young Thug Month ago
Ayush dubey
Ayush dubey Month ago
Watching ur video after watet test🤭 it is good 😍
Epicgameryeet Month ago
Wait, which one is which in the thumbnail tho?
Nunya Bizness
Nunya Bizness Month ago
Apple next release iPhone Pro Mag - Magnets sold separately
Martina Giffin
Martina Giffin Month ago
Koron Month ago
11 can surivive at 12 meters for 30 minz
Ma. Jesusa Limin Tan
Ma. Jesusa Limin Tan Month ago
Please do Iphone 12 pro max water test 🙏🏻
Elcuh Bruh
Elcuh Bruh Month ago
Why does the water look so fake😂
Leek Henny
Leek Henny Month ago
Alec :0
Alec :0 Month ago
i just upgraded from the 6 to the 12 (double up lol) and im scared to put it in water 😅
Shawn Caissy
Shawn Caissy Month ago
Adidas fanboy
exe.rxinx_ Da_qt
exe.rxinx_ Da_qt Month ago
Why he got like 6 iPhone 12s
PuffledSocks Month ago
The water eject is there it’s a shortcut
Offical Unspekble Yo
Offical Unspekble Yo Month ago
Mr Lloyd
Mr Lloyd Month ago
Most durable iPhone? My 12pro max screen scratched deep within 24 hours hadn’t even left the house or put it face down. Must have been from my pocket (with nothing else in the pocket) Didn’t scratch my old one for 2 years despite heavy use. Unlucky or much softer screen 🤷🏻‍♂️
Chase Watts
Chase Watts Month ago
Mom what are you watching Kid I am watching someone destroy high priced phone Mom dont get any ideas Kid Finishes video phone are still alive Also Kid goes to bathroom and starts bath water Mom Honey what are you doing Kid DoInG wHaT yOu ToLd Me NoT tO Mom I have no clue what you are talking about Mom goes down stairs Kid puts phone in bath water leaves over night kid in morning "STARTES CRYING" Mom what is it "walked in bathroom" Oh yep that is what I told you not to do!!!
Gaming with wolf
Gaming with wolf Month ago
You could have just given it to me insted of drowning it
Franz Vanderkraan
Franz Vanderkraan Month ago
Remind people NOT to have iPhone plugged in when submerging...a teen was electrocuted...had her phone plugged in while bathing...some don’t quite get the “connection”.
Jermaine Soto
Jermaine Soto Month ago
My phone just fell in the toilet and im testing it functionality watching this video 💀
Shrikanta Month ago
Bryan Alvarado
Bryan Alvarado Month ago
Rip 🪦 paint bucket 🪣
what what
what what Month ago
when will you update us on the aventador roadster wide body kit?
The kids in Africa
The kids in Africa Month ago
Need to try it in salt water
Buttz Buttz
Buttz Buttz Month ago
And I’m still scared if the sink splashes my phone
Jyoti Radhi
Jyoti Radhi Month ago
Omg 😳 nicee bruh !!
Corporate Laws Mentor
Corporate Laws Mentor Month ago
Please do the water test of iPhone SE 2020. Please I will subscribe you then or else I will ask others to unsubscribe your channel.
Soul Bhavya
Soul Bhavya Month ago
Watching in iPhone 11 ref
Tarik 2 months ago
Took mine for a swim for 10 minutes in a lake only along the surface. Ruined the 0.5 camera and the telephoto cameras and Face ID do not work anymore. I had a small magnetic adapter that was plugged into the lightning port that I use in my car for easy plug and play. does anyone know if this could have been a factor? Does having something in the port compromise the water resistance? I only ask because there seems to be two small blades that appear to move a little in order the 'grab' the male end of the cable. Otherwise any other ideas?
Tarik Month ago
@Alexis iPhone 11 pro
Alexis Month ago
But do you have the iphone 11 or 12?
Anie Sadorra
Anie Sadorra 2 months ago
I wish I have iPhone 12 to use in my online class
Levinho Fan
Levinho Fan 2 months ago
I am seeing attention to you. I am your crazy fan also your work,,, I have no better phone,, Please give me an iPhone for playing Pubg game,,,my friend play Pubg but I can't. And it's my dream,,, PLEASE GIVE ME AN IPHONE💚😭😭💚
tommieagates 2 months ago
Wtf waterproof or not I’m not doing that
InkJayr 2 months ago
Hello I’ve been a fan of you since 2014 it’s been a while but I’m still here supporting you!! Happy new year
M P 2 months ago
6 mtr for rest of the world - 19.68 ft 😀
The meme god Anthony
The meme god Anthony 2 months ago
Tommy Tech
Tommy Tech 2 months ago
Bro you should do the drop test with the cases again but with the iPhone 12 :)
jarman sandhu
jarman sandhu 2 months ago
USposts recommended me after 1 year Some people said after year 😂😂
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