Final iPhone 12 Pro Max Leaks, '12S', AirPods 3, AirTags & iOS 14 Beta 7!

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6 months ago

The final iPhone 12 Pro Max details before launch! More part leaks, release date, iOS 14.1 features, iPhone 12s, AirPods 3, Apple Watch 6, AirTags, AirPods Studio release dates & iOS 14 Beta 7 features review! So close to launch!
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iPhone 12 Clone Unboxing.
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Thee GOAT Month ago
wya bro
Tharul Chenitha
Tharul Chenitha 2 months ago
75% real
LKG BOY LKG BOY 3 months ago
Bridget 3 months ago
"In the next iPhone it will drive your car, clean your house for you.." It's INSANE trying two keep up with technology. I literally just got my iPhone 12 a few days ago, absolutely love it! I will be keeping it for a while. The average person will go nuts trying to keep up with the "latest and greatest"
Zaid Mulla
Zaid Mulla 4 months ago
I thought Apple also going to launch airtags
Machine Learning
Machine Learning 4 months ago
About Germany
Dirgh Patel
Dirgh Patel 4 months ago
need one video on 12 and 12pro because I don't find any difference except LiDAR Scanner for Night mode portraits. But that feeling of buying a costlier phone is killing me, also the colors are better in pro. Still want to save money. Fuckk can't stop thinking. make one vid FILIP ::::::::::::::::::::::::::: ASAP
Elite GamingUE
Elite GamingUE 4 months ago
Others Waiting for iphone 12 launch but Legends waiting for khabib vs justin gaethje fight on oct 24 main event 😍
Steven Lopez Pagan
Steven Lopez Pagan 4 months ago
This should be called The iPhone 11 Pro S. This iPhone Doesn’t deserve the name “iPhone 12” no...
Valencia Kienge
Valencia Kienge 4 months ago
iPhone 12 apple event just got confirmed today✨
Hack Zone
Hack Zone 4 months ago
I got my airpod days back from *appledwag on IG* he's the best
Parker Klimek
Parker Klimek 5 months ago
When is iOS 14.2 coming out?
IDepressedl 5 months ago
can anyone tell me the realase date
Valencia Kienge
Valencia Kienge 4 months ago
Apple event got confirmed for October 13th - next week
LemurianQuartz 5 months ago
I’m so tired of them focusing on upgrading the cameras and not upgrading damn SIRI! And they sure as hell better be switching to USB-C and dumping lightning for good finally.
elvante sool
elvante sool 5 months ago
USposts is getting really comfortable with these double unskippable ads
arthur reinier guardiario
arthur reinier guardiario 5 months ago
Can i receive an iPhone need for school
patchandboo 5 months ago
You can buy a power block from apple OR get a third party wireless charger
IHateUTubeAds 5 months ago
i was minutes away from ordering a magic keyboard for my 12.9. I'll wait
Christopher Buchanan
Christopher Buchanan 5 months ago
I can’t wait until the iPhone 12 comes out because of the new features and the new design. I am absolutely in love with this phone even though it hasn’t came out yet. I really want those AirPods tho. I need some awesome earbuds to go with that beautiful phone. Hope I win!!!!🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾
melvin sacromentoe
melvin sacromentoe 5 months ago
Pretty bullshit Apple is gonna take out the charging box and gonna charge you 50 dollars for it
G Metz
G Metz 5 months ago
I really hope people don’t believe Apple’s BS story about why there are no more EarPods or AC Charging Block.
HECTOR PERDOMO 5 months ago
what is a airtag
P.fchangs Gaming
P.fchangs Gaming 5 months ago
You giveaway a iPhone 📱 I wish I will be one of those people
P.fchangs Gaming
P.fchangs Gaming 5 months ago
My wish I will have iPhone on my hands it’s my dream broo🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂
P.fchangs Gaming
P.fchangs Gaming 5 months ago
Hey broo really amazing to know about iPhone 📱 12 ....🙂
Leviticye 5 months ago
finally now shut up
Rummiii 5 months ago
So the new iPhone will be squared off ?
Angel 5 months ago
i personally hate that they're bringing back the square edges. I thought we'd moved on from that and that the curved ones looked more sleek. But that's my opinion :)
They removed the FLIPIN power brick and ear phones WTH well i was gonna get the latest apple but imma get a 8plus in stead
意念师 5 months ago
大哥 请说中文
ian 5 months ago
Will 4G still be available for this release?
N. Elliott
N. Elliott 5 months ago
Will there be a 4GLTE only version offered on the new 12? I know, I know, but I have my reasons for wanting one before anyone puts a hit out on me..hahaha
Leslie Boom
Leslie Boom 5 months ago
I don’t know why everyone is kicking off about no plug in the box. EVERYONE has at least one USB charging plug in their house and many devices capable of charging with USB. I don’t see a problem.
FARCADE 5 months ago
How did he get it please I want one I d care if it fake
Emma William
Emma William 5 months ago
I got my iPhone 11 pro max iCloud permanently unlocked by *IUNLOCKER_* on !nstagram. He’s a professional and fast too, I strongly recommend him.
yasar sayyed
yasar sayyed 5 months ago
Kab aaye gaa
yasar sayyed
yasar sayyed 5 months ago
What is price for iPhone 12 pro max
GoldenGunAngel 5 months ago
Got my rebel yesterday! Sickest
James Fredrick
James Fredrick 5 months ago
Nice video , thanks to Jpc_hacker on iG who has been helping me in recovering my locked phones and also blocked access 👌👌
Vilius Kubekas
Vilius Kubekas 5 months ago
Hello, do you know anything about next apple tv? Thanks.
Arnel Milo
Arnel Milo 5 months ago
Hope to win the case to experience it love it
jasmine ade
jasmine ade 5 months ago
How many videos are u going to title “final update” 💀
Bertram Kilime
Bertram Kilime 5 months ago
Apples designers are running out of ideas, how tf can they comfortably sell that to the public lmao, these designs are dry asf
Audrey Shotland
Audrey Shotland 5 months ago
I’m not gonna get this phone but THANK THE SQUARE BODY IS BACK! I have my iPhone seven and i really wanted an SE1 if it wasn’t so tiny because i love the square body!
Vetrivel 5 months ago
Dose the iPhone 12 have glass back?
Jade Hassan
Jade Hassan 5 months ago
How does it charge
Jamal Best
Jamal Best 5 months ago
Where my iPhone 7 gang at
Visible R
Visible R 5 months ago
Watching this on an iPhone 12 Pro.
Nitin Bagaria
Nitin Bagaria 5 months ago
In new Apple Watch update There are two issues. Hand washing alert goes off if you switch off the tap, so we have to waste water. Second issues, in sleep schedule mode, of you schedule the sleep time after 12 AM, you can’t schedule for all 7 days.
Rocket Laucher
Rocket Laucher 5 months ago
Wish to have an iphone too can't afford 😁 still satisfied with my laggy android lenovo 😁 nice video #EverythingApplePro
Michael Hidalgo
Michael Hidalgo 5 months ago
These iPhones must have usb c. Best Buy for the second day today has the USB C to lightning cables 50% as their deal of the day.
Denis 5 months ago
Your ads are ridiculous, 2 mins of ads on a 10 min video, now I remember why I unsubscribed
AXEL ŌKAI 5 months ago
I’ll upgrade my iPhone when Apple switch to USB-C.
batoot Gaming
batoot Gaming 5 months ago
Starting to believe all the leaks are saying don’t buy any new phone till 2025!!!
Anything Animations
Anything Animations 5 months ago
IPhone 12 hasn't even come out yet, EAP: so let's talk about the IPhone 13
Alfrancis Martinez
Alfrancis Martinez 5 months ago
stop making leaks
marc cl
marc cl 5 months ago
"1:06" *When someone wants a free iPhone 11, only use *** They are the real deal when it comes to this! ଏସ୍ତଙ୍କସ୍ତଙ୍କହା ସମସ୍ତଙ୍କ ପାଇଁ ଉପଯୁକ୍ତ
J. E. Allan
J. E. Allan 5 months ago
Re-Title This Video: All The Things You WON’T Be Getting In 2020
Badol Khan
Badol Khan 5 months ago
When release iPhone 12 pro max ?
Baddie Barbie
Baddie Barbie 5 months ago
They need to slow downnnn it’s getting annoying now🥴🙄 they should drop a new phone every 2-3 yrs 🤨
I'm a potato. Subscribe now.
I'm a potato. Subscribe now. 5 months ago
Bet you won't subscribe to this potato.
Szymon Brylewski
Szymon Brylewski 5 months ago
All thanks to jpc_hacker on Instagram he help me update my iOS in a chip rate and he is involved in all kind of Jobs
Jason Novak
Jason Novak 5 months ago
If you are currently getting 7mbps download speeds you need to change your carrier. I routinely get between 70-100 through AT&T on my iPhone X. 5G better deliver far better than 200mbps.
Elisei Roman
Elisei Roman 5 months ago
I wonder how the iPhone 20 will be like
J J 5 months ago
Air tags.
jichuuu 5 months ago
So they're not all 5G? How sad
Anita Goodwill
Anita Goodwill 5 months ago
I couldn’t login my iCloud on my iPhone 11, met Vad_da_hacker on !ntagram now I’m using my iPhone without no issues
Willvisions Media
Willvisions Media 5 months ago
Still has a notch 😂
Kacey M.
Kacey M. 5 months ago
Marvin Gaye on the shirt ✊🏾
azm and you
azm and you 5 months ago
Love from manjeshwar,, Kerala 😘 💋
I luv for honor Warmonger
I luv for honor Warmonger 5 months ago
Ima wait for the iPhone 15 pro max
Iori Yagami X Kyo Kusanagi
Iori Yagami X Kyo Kusanagi 5 months ago
Lol again. We are watching shit here, y dont u give a giveaway so that people wouldnt be just watching with nothing at all
Adrian Acosta
Adrian Acosta 5 months ago
anyone wanna buy me this phone? 👁👄👁
Dylan Landry
Dylan Landry 5 months ago
Didn’t even tell us iPhone 12 release 🤦‍♂️
jackal monkey
jackal monkey 5 months ago
More awesome rumors!!!
Super knullisch
Super knullisch 5 months ago
Nice vid, but there's really nothing to be excited about concerning the iPhone 12.. Like people understand how this works. Apple's businesses plan works in the following way, every three years they launch a new more radical redesign. In between, there's just minor upgrades and more of the same. So why was every one hopping that the iPhone 12 would have all these new feature?? Of course it's going to be on the 13 model since their last major change was the iPhone 10.
H *
H * 5 months ago
Or u can just report the ads lol
MILIND barhe
MILIND barhe 5 months ago
Fatema Mohamed Sulaiman Saeed K Al Maawali
Fatema Mohamed Sulaiman Saeed K Al Maawali 5 months ago
KeM0 Is goated
KeM0 Is goated 5 months ago
Who is watching this on a Iphone 12?
Vicky 5 months ago
Loving the look of the colours! I can't wait to get rid of my cracked Samsung s9 plus. My second android phone. Never will I go back to android ever again.
Vicky 5 months ago
@Mike Cook I've only ever had two Samsung phones, and I've missed the simplicity of the iPhone :)
Mike Cook
Mike Cook 5 months ago
It took me 10 years to finally jump over and I wish I wouldn’t have waited that long LOL.
Younes Ten
Younes Ten 5 months ago
I need iPhone 11 Pro and Blonde Wife 💛👍 and smart watch
Lemon Cake
Lemon Cake 5 months ago
The iPhone 11 is the best phone sorry not sorry
Les Zani
Les Zani 5 months ago
Les Zani
Les Zani 5 months ago
Les Zani
Les Zani 5 months ago
Les Zani
Les Zani 5 months ago
Les Zani
Les Zani 5 months ago
Murphy 5 months ago
When the iphone 12 wasn't even released yesterday...
xXWinter R0seXx
xXWinter R0seXx 5 months ago
I know wtf is happening
Pooja Poojari
Pooja Poojari 5 months ago
Apple world
meri tina
meri tina 5 months ago
How about calling recording?
jõřğəñ Þøýöđą
jõřğəñ Þøýöđą 5 months ago
There is no new things about iphone 12 that samsung dont have 😂😂😂😂
Broox Tv
Broox Tv 5 months ago
Pixel Art
Pixel Art 5 months ago
Do you have any comments now?4 or 5 camera
Bibhas Abhishek
Bibhas Abhishek 5 months ago
Get a VPN. Switch to India. Get USposts Premium. Its 129 INR or < $2 here / month. No ads.
m_hamza 2000
m_hamza 2000 5 months ago
When is. Coming .-.
Wild Sky Survival
Wild Sky Survival 5 months ago
What are AirTags?
mikea hiooi
mikea hiooi 5 months ago
Find my iPhone in AR will be very cool to see
Nobin Gabriel
Nobin Gabriel 5 months ago
Such a waste
Michael__ 5 months ago
It’s coming out October. *Who knows when though*
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