USB Killer V4 vs iPhone 12/12 Pro, Note 20 Ultra, Pixel 5 & More! Instant Death?

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3 months ago

What happens if you plug the NEW USB Killer 4 PRO into an iPhone 12, 12 Pro, Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, Google Pixel 5, AirPods & more devices. USB Killer instant death is back baby!
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Mollie Helena
Mollie Helena 19 hours ago
wtf u need this for tho .........
Generic Username
Generic Username Day ago
Imagine doing this to a prosthetic leg
Superjuicegames Day ago
Whish i could have even a iphone x or higer but my parents wont buy me one
Kende Varsányi-Kerekes
Kende Varsányi-Kerekes Day ago
Smash the usb killer 3.0
Nick awsome
Nick awsome Day ago
apple with iphone 12s pro: are you challenging me?
SAMSUNGA31_USER From Roblox 2 days ago
use magsafe charger
Jason John
Jason John 2 days ago
My heart is burning seeing all those iPhones die😭😭
Meesam Hassan
Meesam Hassan 3 days ago
Bro you show the fake iPhone 12 pro max
Kellan Mova
Kellan Mova 3 days ago
What's the sense of these usb killers? I mean....
Fizan Muhammed
Fizan Muhammed 4 days ago
Soon it will be wireless killer
Luca Miller
Luca Miller 5 days ago
Alternate title: apples security sucks
Josh Clifford Martinez
Josh Clifford Martinez 6 days ago
I want iPhone🥺
Ameliya 729#
Ameliya 729# 6 days ago
bro, I asked for the iPhone, one can have the iPhone 11, too, it's okay, bro, I've already participated in any USpostsr giveaway but I can't get it😭😭
kabesan Yuri
kabesan Yuri 6 days ago
can i have one for my online class
Boxed 7 days ago
Do ps5
F 7 days ago
Try the nokia 3310
Gudi Prem
Gudi Prem 8 days ago
ILoveApple & Youtube
ILoveApple & Youtube 8 days ago
Yes kill the crappy Chinese iPhone!
ILoveApple & Youtube
ILoveApple & Youtube 8 days ago
Finally tech destruction on this channel
Mr. DogeFace
Mr. DogeFace 8 days ago
I love this series
MJAY’S CREW 8 days ago
It’s hurting my feelings phone getting destroyed 😢
Simplicio Barbosa
Simplicio Barbosa 8 days ago
Why would you do that? Is it because you are being sponsored by the so called USB killer? Come on man
Happyify 9 days ago
NOO the mini iPhone;(
Julian Engler
Julian Engler 9 days ago
one was a fake iphonre
Navneet Verma Murti
Navneet Verma Murti 9 days ago
Skynet is coming
Victor Eion Garcia Manuel
Victor Eion Garcia Manuel 9 days ago
I need some iphone for my online classes. Please
Dalia Mohamed
Dalia Mohamed 11 days ago
Jcucgbucuvuy is my favorite favorite ever ever love you ever ever love love you love love best love you love love you I will kill my love you love love miss love love I hope you’re feeling good I hope you had a wonderful night I was just a bit disappointed that we had the best time in your family and I love you and I hope you have an awesome night and hope your sleep will work better and you are feeling well love love miss love love talk talk
Andrej Kostic
Andrej Kostic 11 days ago
Next usb killer vs LX300 printer🤣🤣
Pink Gamer Princess
Pink Gamer Princess 11 days ago
Good greif! If the USB Killer took out the high-end Samsung, then my Galaxy A10E probably wouldn't fare too well, either!
A-Ranker 11 days ago
4:56 "Let's destroy our childhood"
Jay-em O. Quebada
Jay-em O. Quebada 11 days ago
Imagine U have Wasted Much Money
kyle 11 days ago
Imagine putting this in a nuclear football
ToyotaTheVyonder2009 11 days ago
Note 20 ultra oof
Deniz Ve Mehmet
Deniz Ve Mehmet 11 days ago
would you send me a macbook pro or air
wHáT¿? 13 days ago
Is he super rich?
Forever Emcee
Forever Emcee 13 days ago
Wtf is that ball thing he had ?!!
Bright 13 days ago
"Fake" iPhone 12 Pro
KAZUYA FF 14 days ago
Gimme one phone plz
KAZUYA FF 14 days ago
Gimme one phone plz
Joegm201 Roblox
Joegm201 Roblox 14 days ago
Dude why are you destroying phones I don't even and your here taking all of them to destroy it
Boxing News Pakistan Haji A Khaliq Media Cordinator
Boxing News Pakistan Haji A Khaliq Media Cordinator 14 days ago
Don't destroy give it me plz
KJ vlogs
KJ vlogs 14 days ago
This channel remains the same for a long time 🤣
XI C 200295 PAPPU SRI ADITYA REDDY 15 days ago
Hence he is proving iPhone 12 is waste
Chase Johnson
Chase Johnson 15 days ago
ToyotaTheVyonder2009 15 days ago
Don't try USB Killer at home "SERIOUSLY"
Dill Doe
Dill Doe 16 days ago
iPhones suck
Fusion 360
Fusion 360 16 days ago
I wonder when will there be a wireless charging version of the usb killer
Wic ed1
Wic ed1 17 days ago
Good use killer vid make more it good (: I sub
Ifty Ahmed
Ifty Ahmed 17 days ago
I too poor to afford an iPhone 12
Ifty Ahmed
Ifty Ahmed 17 days ago
Can you please give me an iPhone 12
Zan Dark Of Anime
Zan Dark Of Anime 17 days ago
Give me this Google pixel,😂
M 17 days ago
Seems like something out of a movie. Criminal on the run wants to destroy evidence on his computer before running away from cops. Plugs it in and runs. Cops come in try to look around the computer while the guy uses the remote to kill the computer. Boom badass 😂😂
Mr DejavuKing
Mr DejavuKing 17 days ago
I have a friend who’s friend for a prank did this to his phone, because he got the idea from this channel the actual device!. Friends speaking to a solicitor here in the UK in regards to suing this channel!. UK solicitor seems to think he has a good case for damages, solicitor believes this channel shouldn’t be sharing such content that can influence people!. Don’t shout & go on at me for this comment I’m just sharing what I’ve heard!.
G E 18 days ago
Curious what it would do to this one... 1 ... 2 ... 3 KABOOM
NonLegit Nation
NonLegit Nation 19 days ago
so whats the point of this thing anyway?
DIO BRANDO 19 days ago
S_P_L saran 786
S_P_L saran 786 19 days ago
Bro l need iPhone 12pro max giveaway
yHero – Kun
yHero – Kun 20 days ago
Google pixel Brain time😎😎
Vijaya Sonawane
Vijaya Sonawane 20 days ago
Can the phone be repaired
Beast Meho
Beast Meho 20 days ago
I know it's funny but I really need it but I have not money
Beast Meho
Beast Meho 20 days ago
Hello bro I request you please give me royal pass of pubg moblie
Carlos Smith
Carlos Smith 21 day ago
Whats the point of this ??
King_Gamin 21 day ago
Can I have an iPhone bro please I really want one and everybody bully me because I have an Android bro please god bless you
Ezek Joson
Ezek Joson 21 day ago
you’re buying a product to ruin your phone...
salty itsghgh
salty itsghgh 21 day ago
7:12 look left down on the iphone screen
vorname nachname
vorname nachname 22 days ago
plug the killer in the remote and then turn it on
Please Don't Die
Please Don't Die 22 days ago
I always hold my breath when the usb killer comes into play
Mr Faisal
Mr Faisal 22 days ago
Man you are killing so many phones why don't you send one to me as gift
MC- ALAOUI 22 days ago
Can you do samsung S21 ultra
Rahil Khan
Rahil Khan 23 days ago
I want to try it myself
Rahil Khan
Rahil Khan 23 days ago
Can you give me an usb killer or tell me how it is made
Fahabir Chowdhury
Fahabir Chowdhury 24 days ago
Make a video about case study of this device
Andro over - Gaming
Andro over - Gaming 24 days ago
It's such a piece of shi* I bought second hand phone after working hard for so long and my friend just killed my phone and he is not willing to buy me new one 😭
52. Tarun Ganesh
52. Tarun Ganesh 25 days ago
That's a fake iphone.. check the notch..
Prabhdeep Singh
Prabhdeep Singh 25 days ago
Imagine a Everything Apple Pro Max😂😂🤣🤣
محمود منير
محمود منير 25 days ago
I love your iPhone 13 Pro
Śãđïď .M
Śãđïď .M 26 days ago
You could have given the phone for me, more than killing it you could have killed me
Den Day Com
Den Day Com 26 days ago
What a waste
Den Day Com
Den Day Com 26 days ago
Was a waste
Anish Gupta
Anish Gupta 26 days ago
this video is absolute garbage. Waste of resources.
Don Bond
Don Bond 26 days ago
USB Killer USB Killer + USB Killer Ultra
RAFAEY YT 27 days ago
giorgi abuladze
giorgi abuladze 27 days ago
12 mini give me
Ádám Szarvas
Ádám Szarvas 27 days ago
What the fuck is satisfying on killing phones damn
Amit Kumar
Amit Kumar 28 days ago
Yup you killed my 10 min
Nico Sch
Nico Sch 28 days ago
Idk what you guys think but this is just shitty and useless content, sorry
Leon Kurtish
Leon Kurtish 28 days ago
Talk about e-waste
Sir Wizard
Sir Wizard 28 days ago
Whats the purpose of this usb?
Llama Dude
Llama Dude 28 days ago
If we're all robots one day this would be the ultimate weapon 😂😂
Umair Mohd
Umair Mohd 6 days ago
Happyify 9 days ago
Ye sir would
Ali Bagheri
Ali Bagheri 20 days ago
@BeEg xxc yep😂😂it would be cool
Ryan _duck30
Ryan _duck30 22 days ago
BeEg xxc
BeEg xxc 25 days ago
So bad they didn't have such thing in Terminator universe. Keep it plugged in the main computer and just remot kill it the moment it goes rogue.
Katie S.
Katie S. 28 days ago
why would you even do this? :S
Rotzbua69 Y
Rotzbua69 Y 28 days ago
Why do u want to use this
Truong Tran
Truong Tran 28 days ago
Still get the warranty on those phones, you guys nothing to lose
Mason 29 days ago
first example sucked whyd you leave it in the final cut
Exo Zenitsu
Exo Zenitsu 29 days ago
I would love to see you try that on the ultimate Nokia phone
Edward Mkhombe
Edward Mkhombe 29 days ago
So.... I don't have a good phone 💔 wish I could get 1 of them
Supreme Reyes
Supreme Reyes 29 days ago
Does it break it forever gun pow pow or can I have the iPhone 12
Eduardo Palma-paz
Eduardo Palma-paz 29 days ago
nalog zasve
nalog zasve 29 days ago
I haven't seen anything stupider in a long time. what is the point of this, To destroy something. if you want, there are many ways to destroy something.
Radu_2440 29 days ago
"Oh wow the samsung survi-" Oh nevermind
andy proteau
andy proteau 29 days ago
Why would u need this
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