iOS 14 Beta 5! What's New Review

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6 months ago

iOS 14 Beta 5 Released! Several nice surprises in this one! iOS 14 is almost ready for primetime, beta 5 includes 40+ features/changes!
Phone Rebel Cases
iOS 14 Beta 4 Review.
Latest iPhone 12 Leaks.

ansab2017 ansab201
ansab2017 ansab201 2 hours ago
Hello. Can you respond please? My device has been updated 14.4. After this update, they say the program does not need to be updated. What's the solution? I'd like to have the most recent personal files, but they appeared that way.
Aleksandr 29 days ago
How much charge did it take overnight % ? Thanks
Al Lizotte
Al Lizotte Month ago
I cant get 14.5 is it out yet mine still says 14.4
Craig Woodgate
Craig Woodgate 3 months ago
I would like to see them add the ability to download maps for offline in the maps app as i cant use it on my iphone due to not having an unlimited data plan as its far too expensive
Kurian Paul
Kurian Paul 3 months ago
*i got this new iPhone 11 pro from eBay to my surprise is was locked with icloud I tried all I could to unlock it but now way until I was referred to this hackers **#zino_tech11** on Instagram who helped me delete icloud he truly a genius*
[black Saw] johnny Hex
[black Saw] johnny Hex 3 months ago
Whats that flashing light by the ear piece
Jay Fig
Jay Fig 4 months ago
Why aren’t any USpostsrs talking about this major and ongoing problem in iOS 14?
Chris Osborne
Chris Osborne 5 months ago
What has happened to contact favourites???
Szymon Brylewski
Szymon Brylewski 5 months ago
All thanks to jpc_hacker on Instagram he help me update my iOS in a chip rate and he is involved in all kind of Jobs and he can also get your 12pro chip on his site
Nick M.
Nick M. 5 months ago
Will there be new ringtones and text tones in this iOS?
Douglas O'Connor
Douglas O'Connor 5 months ago
When is iPhone 7 Plus getting iOS 14
Alawi Sayed
Alawi Sayed 5 months ago
It’s ugly
SimplyStimulating 5 months ago
I’m wondering if I should install the beta or just wait for the full release
SimplyStimulating 5 months ago
Holy moly
Monarch 5 months ago
Please do this for ipad os also.
Emily Reyes
Emily Reyes 5 months ago
I didn’t download the beta this year, I can’t risk glitches with quarantine. 😅
M3CKA 5 months ago
Dude, very nice vid thanks 🙏
Daniel Zamora
Daniel Zamora 5 months ago
Pokemon go fixed yet???????
micah 5 months ago
I like some of the new features in iOS 14 preview! Exciting, but I don't like how they "compacted" some things like Today View, widgets etc. That page actually uses up less of the screen compared to iOS 13, wasting screen space and making an iPhone 11 pro screen feel like an iPhone SE screen :( Have they changed this?
Maninder Cheema
Maninder Cheema 5 months ago
When will be able to turn off the camera shutter sound? Something that should have been done a while ago.
Nick Simon
Nick Simon 6 months ago
If iOS 14 is as good as its shown then I will definitely not switch to android
Dilip Kandel
Dilip Kandel 6 months ago
Yo everything apple pro please do a video on samsung note 20 ultra and what you thought on it and compare To apple iphone
Ngoc Dan Pham
Ngoc Dan Pham 6 months ago
Heyy. You test UAG Plyo
Justin Jenkins
Justin Jenkins 6 months ago
How do I get in on the beta?
Ivan Ports Omlang
Ivan Ports Omlang 6 months ago
Why u're no longer uploading new videos? Are you okay?
XDaizeX 6 months ago
When is the supposed time for iOS 14 to come out I think I Hurd November but I don’t really now when?
kyanna b
kyanna b 6 months ago
idk if this happens to anyone but with the ios beta 14 ever since i got it, it has this bug where the keyboard will disappear while i’m typing and i have to refresh the app i’m using just to get the keyboard back and continue typing (this bug still happens even with ios 14 beta 5)
Robert Lemons
Robert Lemons 6 months ago
is it perform or preform I am so *a n g y*
PK亗GamingYTツ 6 months ago
Hello brother please send me Gift iPhone please 😣😣😣
Nick 6 months ago
for some reason my airpods pro aren't connecting well and when they do it says *CENTER_TXT* content_item_text in the notification bar
Mike 6 months ago
does anyone else have issues doing a Cellular Update when they update to ios 14 beta 5?
Carlos Alberto Mujica Arizmendi
Carlos Alberto Mujica Arizmendi 6 months ago
Anybody has the wallpaper ?
julio johnson
julio johnson 6 months ago
draining Battery
Kalirana Studio
Kalirana Studio 6 months ago
Brother, you are breaking so much iPhone, do not even give me an iPhone, I am watching all your videos or I like very good videos too.
Kalirana Studio
Kalirana Studio 6 months ago
Brother, you are breaking so much iPhone, do not even give me an iPhone, I am watching all your videos or I like very good videos too.
Sanketh Shenoy
Sanketh Shenoy 6 months ago
Yusuf Khalid
Yusuf Khalid 6 months ago
Wow you're so smart lol
Connor Filiault
Connor Filiault 6 months ago
How is battery life on the beta?
Superstar Veeking
Superstar Veeking 6 months ago
3:55 they should implement a Face ID /fingerprint authentication in other to reveal the “hidden folder” in the gallery Or just implement a Face ID /fingerprint authentication to reveal the contents of the hidden folder.
Me Cheeese
Me Cheeese 6 months ago
I feel lonely with me iOS 12.4.6 iPhone 6 life
lars wissink
lars wissink 6 months ago
I dont have it why
Luis santiago
Luis santiago 6 months ago
Can I get an iPhone my iPhone 6 broke a couple of months ago and I can’t get a new one lol man been watching you for a while now love to see the great content
Manish Chandra Bhatt
Manish Chandra Bhatt 6 months ago
Good # bhattjitech
Kuusik 100
Kuusik 100 6 months ago
Can you do beta 6 its out now...
Adam De La Fíu
Adam De La Fíu 6 months ago
My music app background is just plain black since I’m in dark mode But also when I revert back to light mode it’s still the same plain background but white even thou I’ve updated my phone to beta V.5
Jared Sibert
Jared Sibert 6 months ago
@everythingapplepro do u have phone call problems
CaviDS 6 months ago
any chance they are going to fix the find my Iphone so that it can actually update locations????
Andrew Barber
Andrew Barber 6 months ago
The albums were also much more square in the corners.
Heraldk Somosera
Heraldk Somosera 6 months ago
Sir y bag my library application y like this soft what purpose
James copper
James copper 6 months ago
5:48 How did he do that with an iPhone 8?
Nitin Kapoor
Nitin Kapoor 6 months ago
iPhone 8 has 3d touch So you can 3d touch on the left edge of iphone 8 to bring multitasking or switch to previous app
Mizer 6 months ago
I hope iPadOS 14 will support live photo wallpaper
DD cubing
DD cubing 6 months ago
Does anyone ever wonder what he does with all the head phones he gets with every Phone
Chin Opai
Chin Opai 6 months ago
That typing bug is in 13.6.1 too 😒
Kuriakose Jim
Kuriakose Jim 6 months ago
I’m glad they brought the scroll function for clocks and stuff What were they even thinking removing it
TechTronTV 6 months ago
I can use cod mobile again, yeaaa
HawaiianBiceps 6 months ago
I hate that I’m stuck with Apple because of iOS
Brian Robinson
Brian Robinson 6 months ago
I was expecting a video of both iOS 14 Beta 6 and video surfaced about 120 refresh rate about iPhone 12 Pro Max but...
Nicoos Productions
Nicoos Productions 6 months ago
iOS 14 gonna be good.
dkFS2560 6 months ago
any new leaks ??
Sceptical I23
Sceptical I23 6 months ago
@EverythingApplePro Can you do a video reaction to this video? It shows a guy unboxing a iPhone 12 Pro Max. Give your opinion if it’s fake or not.
Sceptical I23
Sceptical I23 6 months ago
Oops it’s a paper phone 😂
Milan Strapko
Milan Strapko 6 months ago
Please ask them for longer last call list. 100 recent numbers last me for 2-3 days. Which is shame for "smart phone". Even nokia hundreds years ago does it better...
Mateusz Grabowy
Mateusz Grabowy 6 months ago
How can I turn on the album art background? I’ve been looking but couldn’t find it...
Kevin H
Kevin H 6 months ago
You’re a beta behind 14.6 just dropped
Technical Singh
Technical Singh 6 months ago
AleX Claudiu
AleX Claudiu 6 months ago
Is it just me or we can’t wait for an update that makes iPhones practically windows phones? Windows would’ve been a great OS if it had more developers dedicating their time for it. Like always great video! Cheers.
Tyler 6 months ago
Wondering when Apple is going to make Dark Sky the official Weather app for iOS?
abir mukherjee
abir mukherjee 6 months ago
Is cod mobile working fine after this update?
Solo Fade
Solo Fade 6 months ago
This guy making so much money he doesn't post as often anymore smh..
Alfonzo Roney
Alfonzo Roney 6 months ago
Ethan Trenaman
Ethan Trenaman 6 months ago
Honestly I’ve noticed so many bugs still in beta 5 smh.
slavonija cro
slavonija cro 6 months ago
Private calls blocking possibility on IPhone without blocking all calls that’s feature I want on iPhone too and customization ring phones from music library
A K 6 months ago
iOS 14 developer beta 6 is out!
Night_Lovell 6 months ago
How to download ?
Himanshu 6 months ago
I want send my iPhone 6s
Braw Hawre
Braw Hawre 6 months ago
Kerm baqnt
Fidel José Nhamuenda
Fidel José Nhamuenda 6 months ago
The king of "what's new" is you
Hypnotic 6 months ago
It is becoming more Android than anything else...
saajan master
saajan master 6 months ago
Why no one is talking about Favorites widget of phone.i used it extensively. major missing.
manbearpig human
manbearpig human 6 months ago
Just received my rebel case for my iPhone 11. Hands down the BEST case out here in the market. Feels soooo good in the hand. Well done!
Bryan Bassett
Bryan Bassett 6 months ago
Are u alive
M3 World
M3 World 6 months ago
14B5 has broken Gmail when using magic keyboard
ikishiion 6 months ago
has anyone gotten the instagram story bug when you upload a picture or take one it’s like black?
Saiful Bakri A Bakar
Saiful Bakri A Bakar 6 months ago
Hi do you face any issue to search song and artist in apple music?
Ajin Shajan
Ajin Shajan 6 months ago
Ajin Shajan
Ajin Shajan 6 months ago
Arys MX Channel
Arys MX Channel 6 months ago
what are you talking widget, those are not widget those are photos, widget is you can change the setting, background, etc. those are not changeable.
David 6 months ago
If not mistaken this update will game change if the settings available for fix 60fps at the motion setting to let us use the phone at maximum FPS smooth conditions . For me as a gamers I really hope this was real cause I can’t feel 60 FPS at my iPhone 11 when playing PUBG, MLbb, or even Fortnite:((
Cole McCord
Cole McCord 6 months ago
what’s your background?
William 6 months ago
how many beta s are coming?
Guardian Leopard
Guardian Leopard 6 months ago
Notch looks huge n outdated
J J 6 months ago
Instagram story sharing no longer works with beta five. Too sad
Supriya Neal
Supriya Neal 6 months ago
My phone keeps restarting constantly due to the beta, what should I do?
Yandel 6 months ago
anyone else have issues with siri? it’s giving me the old one not the bubble one
Miguelo Themelo
Miguelo Themelo 6 months ago
Wait did anyone else’s “hidden” tab in gallery. Gone ?
Aiden 6 months ago
Pls do n20 ultra drop test
Tech&More 6 months ago
Anyone noticed this ? Is it a bug ?
Nishchit 6 months ago
But where did you get that wallpaper from!?
Kgothatso L. Hosie
Kgothatso L. Hosie 6 months ago
i love seeing the video editing evolution of this channel. sweet.
Matthew Messier
Matthew Messier 6 months ago
Multicore scores and scores in general literally mean nothing./
Mxars 6 months ago
ever since beta 4, the notes widget displays the smae note, no matter if you make a new one.
Zameelu Ahmed
Zameelu Ahmed 6 months ago
Cant open safari
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